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At Gary Green Memorials everything we do is to provide comfort to our customers.

Our expert memorial advisors are here to help listen and guide you through the memorial process every step of the way so that you have a personalised memorial which will stand as a fitting testament for your loved one.

We provide the finest handcrafted memorials, specializing in headstones and gravestones in a variety of granites and marble, created by our skilled stonemasons to suit your needs.

All the information for your memorial can be found or provided through our website. We are always available to maintain the customer service you require whether that be in person, over the phone or via a virtual meeting.

Our Memorials


  • Book an appointment with us to visit one of our showrooms or to arrange a virtual meeting with one of our memorial advisors.
  • Select a date and time using our easy online booking system.
  • Appointments are available 9am – 4pm Monday to Thursday and 10am – 12pm Friday and Sunday – Saturday we are closed.
  • You’ll receive an email confirmation of your slot and details of the showroom. If you have booked a virtual meeting, you will receive a secure Microsoft Teams video link.
  • Meetings will last approximately 30 minutes where our memorial advisors will be able to provide tailored advice about our memorial monument services and help with any questions you may have.


Pay securely online by clicking on the link below to settle a deposit or the full balance of your order.



Cleaning and Renovation


Granite and marble are natural products and as such the weather ultimately takes its toll. Memorials can become stained and marked. Inscriptions fade with time and eventually may require re-gilding or possibly even re-cutting.

At Gary Green Memorials, we offer a comprehensive renovation and repair service which is second to none. From simply cleaning and re-levelling to a complete renovation – no job is too small. We are confident that we can make most memorials look as good as new.

If you require a quotation for this service, please contact us at one of our showrooms, where we will arrange for an inspection.


Additional Inscriptions


Whatever the lettering style or material of the existing memorial, we at Gary Green Memorials have the in-house skills to replicate almost any inscription.

The normal process involves removing the memorial from the cemetery so that our craftsmen can work on the new inscription in our factory.

It is not always possible to remove the memorial due to size, position, or for any one of many reasons and in those circumstances we work on the memorial in-situ.

Insuring your memorial

A fact of life is that accidents can and do happen. It is not unknown for memorials to topple over in a storm or be damaged by a falling tree. We have even heard of memorials being damaged by agricultural equipment used for cemetery maintenance.

Also, a sad reflection on today’s society is that many memorials suffer wanton vandalism. From graffiti to stolen tokens and worse, these attacks are not restricted to grand or elaborate memorials; often the simplest family stones are the target of these malicious attacks.

Whilst it is impossible to prevent these distressing possibilities from happening, we at Gary Green Memorials can offer a comprehensive insurance policy to give our customers that extra peace of mind.

The policy will ensure that any damage is put right in the shortest possible time, even if the memorial needs to be completely replaced. The premium is extremely reasonable when you take into account the possible cost of repairs.


Bereavement Counselling


Bereavement and loss are part of our lives and we all handle grief in different ways. There are no set rules and there is no set time span for the grieving process to take place. Sometimes it may be necessary to talk to somebody who is detached from your everyday life, somebody who will respect your confidentiality and provide you with the help and advice needed to allow the sorrow to give way to happy memories.

If you feel that you would benefit from a chat with a counsellor, please contact us at Gary Green Memorials, where we will put you in touch with one of our approved bereavement counsellors. Our approved counsellors are fully trained and supervised and do not charge for their services.