Cleaning and Renovation

Annual Wash Down Service

We offer an annual wash down maintenance scheme to keep your stone in good condition.

Before we can add you to our wash down service, we will need to carry out an inspection of the memorial to check if the stone is in good order before we commence.

Following the inspection, if we believe the stone requires further renovation work, we will contact you with a separate quote.

To be added to this list, please sign up to the scheme by clicking on the service you require.

Memorial Renovation

Cleaning and renovation can make an enormous difference to the appearance of older headstones and we have the skills to make most memorials look as good as new. Sometimes the existing lettering on a memorial might need to be restored due to age. We can arrange re-gilding, re-painting, and re cut and leading of the lettering.

Re-fixing Memorials

The skilled masonry team can re-fix memorials that have become unstable due to age to national standards governed by Namm and Bramm.