The following information is required before placing an order with us. The team at Gary Green Memorials are available if you require any assistance. Please email or call us on or 020 8 551 6866.

  • Name of deceased, date and time of death
  • Cemetery and Burial Society (hyperlink to the useful links section – Burial Societies and Cemeteries)
  • Grave number
  • Stone setting date or required date
  • Hebrew name of deceased and their fathers Hebrew name (if applicable)
  • Ketubah - Jewish Hebrew Marriage certificate (if you have this)

To start with, we would advise looking at our brochure, requesting a price list and looking at the memorials we have to offer:

The lead time we require before the stone setting is as follows:

  • Marble or marble/granite memorial: At least 2 months
  • Granite memorial: At least 2 months
  • Oversized memorials and special granite: At least 4/5 months

(Please note that we hold a large number of the most popular granite designs in stock to ensure we can meet the requirements of our customers)

We ask for a deposit to cover secure the order which will cover cemetery fees. You will also receive a computer-generated print out for your approval before the work is commenced. Once work is complete we will send you an invoice and photos of the completed work.

These are charges made by the burial societies/ cemeteries for permission to be granted for a memorial to be erected in their cemetery. We will pay the fees on your behalf and add them on to the cost. Please note fees will vary between different burial societies and cemeteries.

Yes you will receive a computer generated layout approximately 8 weeks before your stone setting date / required date which you will need to sign and return to us for us to proceed and send off to our factory.

A marble stone is white in colour. The material used is white carrara and you can only use cut black & lead letters.

Customers choose marble memorials because of the unique swirling patterns and embedded shadings that can make for a very unique appearance. If you are looking specifically for a white coloured memorial, marble may be the best option for you.

A granite stone comes in a variety of colours and you have more choice of the painted and gilded letters.

Customers choose granite memorials because they are typically a tough and durable rock, able to withstand climate changes. You also have more choice with colours materials from black, grey, blue, red and green and lettering colours to make a memorial really stand out.

Please note we offer other materials at your request so please do contact us on 020 8551 6866 or email

Yes we do an annual wash down maintenance scheme to keep your stone in good condition. Please contact a member of the memorial advisors on 020 8551 6866 and they will add you onto the list.

Please note, if the stone is in bad condition to begin with, we will need to arrange a renovation on the stone first and then the memorial can be added onto our maintenance scheme (Please also note we cannot do a wash down service at the United Synagogue)

When we renovate a memorial we grind a layer of marble away using abrasives to bring back the original colour. For a wash down we use a special chemical to take away any surface dirt to keep it looking at its very best.

Yes we fix the memorial in the cemetery for you and this is all included in your price. We aim to erect the stone for you 2 weeks before your stone setting date/ required date so you can view in situ.

Marble is a natural material that is sourced from a mountain which means there may be slight difference with the veining of the marble. This is the same with some of the granite colours.

Our most popular stone material is granite due to its durability and overall look. The most popular granite colour is South African dark grey and the most popular design headstone is our ‘ogee top’ (G38 design), which can be viewed in our brochure.

Yes we can convert a single stone into a double, however this will only be the bottom base that would be converted to double with 2 single headstones. Please contact a member of the team for some example photos and further assistance.