A fact of life is that accidents can and do happen. It is not unknown for memorials to topple over in a storm or be damaged by a falling tree. We have even heard of memorials being damaged by agricultural equipment used for cemetery maintenance.

Also, a sad reflection on today’s society is that many memorials suffer wanton vandalism. From graffiti to stolen tokens and worse, these attacks are not restricted to grand or elaborate memorials; often the simplest family stones are the target of these malicious attacks.

Whilst it is impossible to prevent these distressing possibilities from happening, we at Gary Green Memorials can offer a comprehensive insurance policy to give our customers that extra peace of mind.

The policy will ensure that any damage is put right in the shortest possible time, even if the memorial needs to be completely replaced. The premium is extremely reasonable when you take into account the possible cost of repairs.

Full details of the Stone Guard policy can be found by clicking this link: StoneGuard All Risks Stoneguard Leaflet

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