Just a note to let you know that the consecration of my father's stone took place yesterday and to thank you for producing and setting the stone so smoothly and in good time.

This has not been an easy time for the family and it has been a great comfort that this is one area that has not caused us any undue concern.

Thank you again.

I write in connection with the above memorial supplied by your company plus the cleaning and renovation of my late father's tombstone.

I have to say that from the commencement and final negotiation for this contract to the ultimate erection of the new stone all of your staff have been absolutely superb. Compassionate, understanding and helpful at all times have been a real credit to your company.

The tombstone itself is exactly what was required and the match between the two virtually identical.

Thank you very much for all your kindness and I would be grateful if you would pass these comments on to those concerned.

With kind regards and respectfully hoping that I have nothing else to do with you for very many years.

Dear Gary:

I received a message from Paul in your office this week, to inform me that you have completed the changes and corrections on my mother's stone.

This last year has been a very trying one for me, as there was (and still is) much to sort out. I was so moved by your offer to correct the heart and add the name (which was my error) for no charge. Such an act of kindness and generosity is much appreciated, especially as I am a little strapped for cash at this time.

You did a wonderful job and were very helpful with all of the arrangements. I will remember your gift, each time I visit my parent's grave.

Many thanks to you and all of your staff, for your gracious help and generosity.